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In my office at DCIEM around 1997. I use a 3-D location filing system.

My CV and Publication list

Sample pages from each chapter of the book:

Writing and Literacy in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, by Insup Taylor and Martin Taylor,

Published byJohn Benjamins of Amsterdam

A few other Academic Items (in a variety of fields of interest) including:

A PowerPoint presentation illustrating evaluative design of an interface for visualisation, using a 3650-year-old fresco from Santorini. (1.3 Mb download)

Interesting Holidays

Greece and Turkey 2000

A record of a fascinating month-long holiday we took between mid-April and mid-May 2000 in Greece (including Crete and Santorini) and Turkey. This part of the site is by far the largest part of my entire Web site, and the most fun--for me, at least.

Interpretations (mostly Just So Stories) of a few Classical Legends in their real historical context (as best I understand the history).

Apart from descriptions and many pictures of the things and places seen on the holiday, these pages contain some plausible speculations (most of them "Just-so Stories") on several ancient legends, all of which (except that of Midas and of Noah's Flood) seem to refer to events between 1650 BC and 1200 BC. Did King Midas himself originate the legend of the Golden Touch? Was the Trojan War really about Helen? Was Santorini the site of Atlantis? I think it 99% certain that the answer is "Yes" Who or what was the Minotaur that demanded Athenian youth as tribute? (The bull-man was a much used image in the region for thousands of years before the Athenians). And who was Theseus? Did Jason and the Argonauts witness the explosion of Thera and the end of Atlantis at close range? What are the mysterious "Mason's Marks" in the Minoan palaces? You won't find answers here, but the speculations on possible answers just might hold a germ of truth, and some of them suggest how similar ancient politics may have been to contemporary politics.

South Italy, Sicily, and Malta 2005

Three weeks touring the relatively untouristy south of Italy, the eastern part of Sicily, and the 5500-year old temples of Malta and Gozo. Most of this consists of pictures of the scenery, so varied and beautiful, but there are parts about the archaeology of prehistoric Malta, Roman Sicily, and Greek Italy.

A small amusement.

Some pictures

(1949) Some pictures from the region around Toronto, mostly in areas now built up.

(1954) Hurricane Hazel pictures of the Humber River between about Albion Road and Lawrence Avenue, Weston, the morning after the hurricane passed through.

(1955 to 1969) Pictures relating to the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club (A gallery of large thumbnails which open onto full-resolution scans of old slides and photographs, most of them restored in one way or another).

(1984) Participants in the May 1984 meeting of RSG-10 (Automatic Speech processing) at the Institute for Perception Research, Soesterberg, Netherlands.

(1997) Some pictures of Great Malvern and the Malvern Hills (England).

(1999) Pictures around the east end of North Berwick, Scotland, taken on a holiday with my brother Vincent in May 1999. This is where we lived when we first moved to Scotland in 1945.

(1949-1999) Pictures of personal and family interest, including some from my first cricket tour, to the 1955 Interprovincial Cricket Tournament in Vancouver.

(2003) Pictures from the Crieff Hills Community ( At the time, a possible site for CAMMAC Ontario Music Centre)

(2004) Pictures from Weeks 2 and 3 of the 2004 Ontario Music Centre camp at Lakefield College School.

(2005) Many pictures from Germany, late October 2005, mostly of lovely scenery and autumn tree colours in the Siebengebirge and the Rothaargebirge, but a few in cities. These pictures are thumbnailed, and open to 1024x800 size. The larger pictures each have a link to a full-size image (2048 x 1600), which you can download and do with as you wish. They are as they came from the camera, untouched by Photoshop!

(2006-8) Engineering Physics 5T6 Reunion pictures (2006) (2007) (2008)

(2007) A downloadable movie (44Mb) of seal pups playing tag, near Westport, South Island, New Zealand. (It is best to play it at double size, if you can) .

(2007) A downloadable movie (54 Mb) of a sunset in Anglesey, Wales.

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