Curriculum Vitae: Maurice Martin Taylor, Ph.D., P.Eng


Born Ashton-on-Mersey, Cheshire, UK, 14 June 1935.

Lived in England 1935-45, Scotland 1945-49 and 1950-51, Canada 1949-50 and 51-present.

Landed Immigrant Canada 1951, Canadian Citizen 1957.

Married Insup Kim 1961. Two Children



Summers: 1952-1960

Full Time: 1960-1995

Defence Research Medical Laboratories (Defence Research Board, Dept. National Defence) and its successor organizations (currently Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine, Research and Development Branch, Dept. National Defence).

Started July 4 1960, as Defence Scientific Officer 3, retired July 4 1995 as Defence Scientist 6 and Senior Experimental Psychologist.

Panels, Advisory Groups, etc.


Approximately 100 refereed publications in various areas of psychology and computation