Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 18, 1964

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Authors Affiliation (country) Funding
1964 Denenberg, V.H. and Kline, N.J. Purdue (USA) NIMH
1964 Myers, R.D. Colgate (USA) NSF
1964 Delude, L.A., and Carlson, N.J. Western Reserve (USA) USPHS
1964 Woods, P.J. and Davidson, E.H. Hollins (USA) USPHS
1964 Cicala, G.A. and McMichael, J.S. Delaware (USA) USPHS
1964 Gelfand, S. VA Hosp, Salt Lake City (USA)  
1964 McCormack, P.D. and Wright, N.M. Manitoba NRC
1964 Bourne, L.E. and Parker, B.K. Utah (USA) NIMH
1964 Tulving, E., Mandler, G., and Baumal, R. Toronto NRC
1964 Dodwell, P.C. Queens  
1964 Littman, R.A., Stevens, D.A., and Whittier, J.L. Oregon (USA) USPHS
1964 Aftanas, M. and Zubek, J.P. Manitoba DRB9425-08
1964 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1964 Stager, P. and Burton, A.C. Purdue (USA), Western Ontario DRB9310-75
1964 Bryden, M.P. McGill DRB9401-11
1964 Stotland, E. and Blumenthal, A.L. U of Washington(USA) NIMH
1964 Paivio, A. Western Ontario  
1964 Barber, T.X. and Calverley, D.S. Medfield Foundation (USA) NIMH
1964 Heckhausen, H. Muenster (DE)  
1964 McNulty, J.A. and St Claire-Smith, R. Dalhousie and UBC  
1964 Eimas, P.D. Connecticut (USA) USPHS
1964 Cole, M. and Schneider, A. Indiana (USA)  
1964 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1964 Smith, A.H. DRML  
1964 Smith, A.H. DRML  
1964 Berlyne, D.E. Toronto  
1964 Wolff, B.B. New York (USA)  
1964 Worthington, A.G. Queens  
1964 Jones, R.E. and Boune, L.E. California, Colorado (USA)  
1964 Boulter, L.R. York  
1964 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1964 Teghtsoonian, R. Smith (USA)  
1964 Stern, R.M. Indiana (USA) ONR
1964 Amsel, A. and Surridge, C. T. Toronto NSF
1964 Boe, E.E. Washington State (USA)  
1964 Pearl, J., Walters, G.C., and Anderson, D.C. Portland (USA)  

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