Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 19, 1965

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Authors Affiliation (country) Funding
1965 Taylor, J.G. DRML  
1965 Donderi, D.C. and Kane, E. McGill NRC
1965 Teghtsoonian, R. Smith (USA)  
1965 Hershenson, M. and Haber, R.N. Yale (USA)  
1965 Foey, P.J. and Stager, P. DRML  
1965 van Olst, E.H. and Orlebeke, J.F. Free University Amsterdam (NL)  
1965 Mogenson, G.J., Mullin, A.D., and Clark, E.A. Saskatchewan NRC and MRC
1965 Gray, J.A. London (UK) USPHS
1965 Baum, M. Pennsylvania (USA) USPHS
1965 Wimer, R.E. and Fuller, J.L. Jackson Laboratory (USA) NIMH
1965 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1965 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1965 Sekuler, R.W. Brown (USA) NSF
1965 Pylyshyn, Z.W. Saskatchewan NIMH and NRC
1965 Runquist, W. N. Alberta NRC
1965 Nickerson, R.S. Decision Sciences Lab (USAF)  
1965 Douglas, V. I. McGill Health Canada and NIMH
1965 Lobb, H. Western Ontario  
1965 McNulty, J.A. Dalhousie  
1965 Braine, M.D.S. and Shanks, B.L. Walter Reed (USA)  
1965 Smart, R.G. Alcohol and Drug Addicion Res. Found.  
1965 Whittier, J.L. and McReynolds, P. Oregon, Stanford (USA)  
1965 Ward, W.C. and Jenkins, H.M. Stanford, McMaster  
1965 Tulving, E., McNulty, J.A. and Ozier, M. Toronto NRC and NSF
1965 Ducharme, R. and Fraisse, P. Montreal, Paris  
1965 Horn, J.L. and Cattell, R.B. Denver, Illinois (USA)  
1965 Pylyshyn, Z.W. Saskatchewan NIMH and NRC
1965 Whittier, J.L., and Littman, R.A. Oregon (USA) USPHS
1965 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1965 Tapp, J.T., and Pryor, G.T. Vanderbilt, Stanford Research Inst (USA) NIMH
1965 Hughes, K.R. Manitoba MRC
1965 Murray, D.J. Queens  
1965 Earhard, B. and Mandler, G. Dalhousie, UC San Diego NSF and NRC

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