Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 17, 1963

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Authors Affiliation (country) Funding
1963 Malmo, R.B. McGill NIMH, Health Canada, NRC, DRB
1963 Wolff, B.B. and Jarvik, M. E. New York (USA) NIAMD
1963 Doty, B.A. and Doty, L.A. North Central and Northern Illinois (USA)  
1963 Williams J.A. McGill DRB9425-10
1963 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1963 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1963 Beck, C.H.M DRML  
1963 Inglis, J. and Caird, W.K. Queens Health Canada
1963 Fryatt, M.J. and Tulving, E. Toronto  
1963 Zubek, J.P. et al. Manitoba DRB9425-08
1963 Parker, N.I. And Newbigging, P.L. McMaster DRB9401-13
1963 Dodwell, P.C. Queens  
1963 Black, A.H., and Annau, Z. McMaster NRC, NIMH
1963 Black, A.H. McMaster NRC, NIMH
1963 Vanderwolf, C.H. McGill USPHS
1963 Brimer, C.J. and Kamin, L.J. McMaster NRC, NIMH
1963 Kamin, L.J. and Brimer, C.J. McMaster NRC, NIMH
1963 Boulter, L.R. and Adams, J.A. Illinois (USA) USAF
1963 Taylor, M.M. and Henning, G.B. DRML  
1963 Harcum, E.R. and Finkel, M.E. William and Mary (USA) USPHS
1963 Walters, R.H., Leat, M., and Mezei, L. Toronto Health Canada
1963 Walters, R.H., and Llewellyn-Thomas, E. Toronto NRC and Health Canada
1963 Gaudreau, J. Lavoie, G. and Delorme, A. Montreal  
1963 Harcum, E.R. Hartmen, R.R, and Smith, N.F. William and Mary (USA) USPHS
1963 Berlyne, D.E. Toronto NIMH
1963 Pylyshyn, Z. W. Saskatchewan NRC
1963 Mackworth, J.F., and Taylor, M.M. DRML  
1963 Thurmond, J.B. and Alluisi, E.A. Emory, Lockheed (USA)  
1963 Cooper, R.M. and Bauer, J.H. Manitoba NRC
1963 Taylor, M.M. and Henning, G.B. DRML  
1963 Harcum, E.R., and Friedman, S.M. William and Mary (USA) USPHS
1963 Paivio, A. Western Ontario  
1963 Pollack, I. USAF (USA)  
1963 Kleinsmith, L.J., Kaplan, S. and Tarte, R.D. Michigan (USA)  
1963 Berlyne, D.E., and Lewis, J.L. Toronto NIMH
1963 Walters, G.C. Buffalo (USA)  
1963 Rabedeau, R.G. Yale (USA)  

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