Perceptual Control Systems

Some working papers and notes on Perceptual Control Theory

Notes on the concept of "Helping"

Notes on information theory in relation to control systems

A reconstruction of a talk on the development of social interaction among control systems

A 1992 tutorial presentation on PCT and Layered Protocol Theory in human-computer interaction (PDF 5.4Mb)

A talk given to a workshop on military data fusion in 1993

Three downloadable Powerpoint presentations made at the CSG meeting 2005: 1. Layered Protocols; 2. Social Control; 3. Fitting Data to models

A working paper on creation and destruction of money and of value.

A downloadable paper from 1995 on the effects of amphetamine and modafinil on various parameters of tracking control. (MS Word, 61kb)

A paper on PCT and Layered Protocols in aircraft control (PDF, 1.6 Mb)

A movie of a two presentations I made in one talk at the 1993 Control Systems Group meeting. The first 19 min 15 sec are about PCT and the book "Nobody, Nowhere" written by an autistic woman, while the final 40 minutes are on how PCT offers an analogue approach to syntax recognition and sysnthesis, why formal grammar cannot capture natural language, and how dialects and language families form (mp4, 1.35 Gb)

A movie of a presentation entitled "Conflictive Control" made by Kent McClelland at the same 1993 meeting, showing thateven though two control systems trying to control their perceptions of a single environmental variable to two different reference levels may be in an escalating conflict, nevertheless the variable behaves as though it were controlled by a virtual controller with a gain that is the sum of the gains to the two competitors and a reference value between the two competing reference values. The peresentation is included here with the permission of Dr. McClelland.(mp4, 971 kB).