Papers relating to Economics

Samuel Bagno, The Communication Theory Model and Economics, (IRE Convention Record 1955 Part 4)

(Reproduced in facsimile by Permission of the IEEE)

Part III of my Bachelor's Essay in Engineering Physics at the University of Toronto Application of Information Theory to Economics (1956; they called it a "Thesis" at the time). It is based largely on Bagno's paper:.

These two papers interpret money as a communication channel allowing the transmission of information in the form of organization of work or of goods into usable forms. This way of looking at money has many important consequences, notably that a steady-state closed economy can exist only in the presence of a steady inflation and a steady government deficit. It predicts many of the phenomena that are observed, including the growing gap between rich and poor in the period when central banks treat inflation as an evil to be eliminated rather than as an economic spice to be used in moderation.

A PCT View of Economics

A speculation on the origin and dynamics of money and of value, in several acts. A downloadable plain text version of the whole is here.