Author Affiliations and Funding sources

for papers in the early issues of the Canadian Journal of Psychology.

As part of a project of Dr. John Connors on the history of Canadian Psychology, I scanned the issues of the Canadian Journal of Psychology (now the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology) from Vol. 1 (1947) to Vol 28 (1974), noting the institutional affiliations and acknowledged (non-university) funding sources. The intention of the survey was to assess the changing influence in Canadian psychology of research done by or funded by the Defence Research Board of Canada (DRB, now the Defence Research and Development Branch), and more particularly by the Defence Research Medical Laboratories, which became the Defence Research Establishment Toronto, and is now the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine.

On these pages you will find one table for each volume of the journal, with an entry for each paper consisting of the authors' names, their affiliations, and any acknowledged government (or foundation) funding source. There is also a summary table listing the contributions of some of the institutions that were more prolific during part of the period covered, along with a comparison year by year of the numbers of papers having at least one author at a Canadian institution that were written or funded by DRB, with the numbers funded by the National Research Council and by US sources. There is also a graph that summarizes the relative contributions of the three sources of funding.

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Martin Taylor