Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 28, 1974

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Authors Affiliation (country) Funding source
1974 Carey, P. and Blake, J. CUNY, York NINDS
1974 Yarmey, A.D. Guelph NRC
1974 Paivio. A. and Bleasdale, F. Western Ontario NRC
1974 Gendreau, P. and Carson, F. Carleton  
1974 Baron, J. McMaster NRC
1974 Kolers, P.A. Toronto NRC
1974 Erickson, R.L. New Hampshire (USA)  
1974 Bucher, B. and Davidson, P. Western Ontario MRC
1974 Beninger, R.J., Kendakk, S.B. and Vanderwolf, C.H. Western Ontario NRC
1974 St. Claire-Smith, R. and Mackintosh, N.J. Dalhousie NRC
1974 Robinson, T.E., Whishaw, I.Q. and Wishart, T.B. Saskatchewan, Lethbridge NRC
1974 Mazuryk, G.F. and Lockhart, R.S. Toronto NRC
1974 Delude, L.A. Lethbridge NRC
1974 Harris, D.R., et al. (Various USA) NASA, DOD
1974 Robert, M. Paris VIII (FR)  
1974 Milliaressis, T.E., St-Laurent, J. and Cardo, B. U de Quebec, Chicoutimi NRC
1974 Ladan, C.J. and Nelson, T.M. Alberta  
1974 Elkin, A.J. and Murray, D.J. Queens NRC
1974 Butler, B. Queens NRC
1974 Izawa, C. Tulane (USA) NIH
1974 Seraganian, P. Sir George Williams NRC
1974 Anderson, D.G., Jamieson, J.L., and Man, S.C. Lakehead, Victoria Hosp Winnipeg  
1974 Henke, P.G. St Francis Xavier NRC
1974 Mogenson, G.J. and Huang, Y.H. Western Ontario NRC
1974 Kolb, B. Penn State (USA) NIMH
1974 Murray, H.G. and Carruthers, B.C. Western Ontario NRC
1974 Reich, C.M. Board of Ed, Toronto  
1974 Engel, G.R. Waterloo NRC, Canada Council
1974 Caramazza, A., Yeni-Komshian, G. and Zurif, E.B. Johns Hopkins, Boston VA Hosp (USA) NRC
1974 Crawford, C.B. Simon Fraser Canada Council
1974 Yarmey, A.D. Guelph NRC
1974 Just, M.A. and Brownell, H.H. Carnegie-Mellon, Stanford (USA) NIMH
1974 Tombaugh, T. Carleton NRC
1974 Yuille, J.C. and Holyoak, K. UBC NRC
1974 Penney, C.G. Memorial NRC
1974 Mewhort, D.J.K. Queens USPHS
1974 Smythe, L. and Finkel, D.L. U Washington (USA)  
1974 Shultz, T.R. McGill Canada Council
1974 Shultz, T.R. abd Scott, M.B. McGill Canada Council
1974 Esrov, L.V. and Underwood, B.J. Northwestern (USA)  
1974 Sherrick. M.F., Keating, J.K. and Dember, W.N. Memorial, Cincinnati NEI (USA), NRC
1974 Flock, H.R., Noguchi, K. and Muter, P.M. York, Chiba, Toronto NRC
1974 D'Agostino, P.R. Gettysburg (USA)  
1974 Pepper, S. Western Ontario  

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