Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 27, 1973

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
1973 Torney, D.J. Guelph NRC, DRB9401-28
1973 Barnsley, R.H. and Rabinovitch, M.S. Memorial, McGill MRC
1973 Flock, H.R. and Noguchi, K. York, Chiba NRC
1973 Wilson, A. Victoria  
1973 Sainsbury, R. Calgary NRC
1973 Jacobson, Z.J. Waterloo NRC, DRB9425-12
1973 Tombaugh, T.N. Carleton NRC
1973 Lively, B.L. Syracuse (USA) NIMH
1973 Humphreys, M.S. and Yuille, J.C. UBC NRC
1973 Scheerer, E. Rochester (USA) NIMH
1973 Sabourin, M. and Ducharme, R. Montreal NRC
1973 Pinel, J.P.J. and Mucha, R.F. UBC NRC
1973 Mewhort, D.J.K. Queens NRC
1973 Kirby, D.M. and Gardner, R.C. Western Ontario Canada Council
1973 McCormack, P.D. and Carboni, N.L. Carleton NRC
1973 Atkinson, J. and Egeth, H. Johns Hopkins (USA)  
1973 Begg, I. McMaster NRC
1973 Stretch, R. and Gerber, G.J. Saskatchewan MRC
1973 Henderson, L. and Park, N. Guelph NRC
1973 Rowe, E.J. Memorial NRC
1973 Hermelin, B. and O'Connor, N. MRC-DPU (UK)  
1973 Pearlmutter, J. and Royer, J.M. Massachussetts (USA)  
1973 Donderi, D. McGill NRC
1973 Monty, R.A., Karsh, R. and Taub, H. HEL, Syracuse (USA) Quebec Education, Canada Council
1973 Pinard, A. Montreal  
1973 Boehnert, J.B. Guelph NRC, NSF
1973 Strayer, F., Scott, W.B. and Bakan, P. Simon Fraser  
1973 Dyck, D.G. and Mellgren, R.L. Oklahoma (USA)  
1973 Davis, H. and Hirschorn, P. Guelph  
1973 Lass, N.J., West, L.K., and Taft, D.D. W Virginia (USA)  
1973 Anisman, H. Waterloo NRC
1973 Willows, D.M. and McKinnon, G.E. Waterloo NRC
1973 Grant, D.P. and Milgram, N.W. Toronto NRC
1973 Engel, G.R., Dougherty, W.G., and Jones, G.B. Waterloo NRC
1973 Basden, D.R. and Draper, J.S. Cal State (USA)  
1973 Mathieu, M. and Ducharme, R. Montreal NRC
1973 Matthews, M.L. Guelph DRB????-??
1973 Siegel, L.S. McMaster MRC
1973 Feider, A. UNB NRC
1973 Charness, N. and Bregman, A.S. Carnegie-Mellon, McGill NRC, NIMH
1973 Blevings, G.J. McGill NRC
1973 Chevrier, J. and Delorme, A. Montreal NRC
1973 Furedy, J.J. et al Toronto Canada Council, NRC
1973 Murray, D.J. and Hitchcock, C.H. Queens Ont Mental Health
1973 Wong, P.T.P. and Traupmann Trent, NYU NSF
1973 Phillips, A.G. and Valle, F.F. UBC NRC
1973 Cole, R.A. and Scott, B. Waterloo NRC
1973 Herzog, T.R. Grand Valley State (USA)  
1973 Runquist, W.N. and Blackmore, M. Alberta NRC
1973 Bartholomeus, B. McGill Health Canada, MRC

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