Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 26, 1972

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
1972 Adamowicz, J.K. and Gibson, D. Calgary, Western Ontario  
1972 Earhard, M. Dalhousie NRC
1972 McCormack, P.D. Carleton NRC
1972 Bross, M. and Zubek, J.P. Manitoba DRB9425-08, NRC
1972 Kristofferson, M.W. McMaster MRC
1972 Fried, P.A. Carleton MRC
1972 Ceraso, J., London, R. and Wallace, R. Rutgers (USA)  
1972 Bryant, P.E. Oxford (UK)  
1972 Lovelace, E.A. and Pulley, S.J. Virginia, N. Carolina State (USA) NSF
1972 Doehring, D.G. McGill MRC
1972 King, F.L. and Kimura, D. Western Ontario NRC
1972 Suboski, M.D. and Litner, J. Queens NRC
1972 Creighton, T.D., Tees, R.C. and Creighton, D.E. UBC DRB9425-23, NRC
1972 Kirby, D.M. and Gardner, R.C. Western Ontario Canada Council
1972 Christie, B., et al. Exeter (UK) UK MRC
1972 McDonnell, P.M. and Duffett, J. UNB NRC
1972 Mewhort, D.J.K. and Cornett, S. Queens NRC
1972 Baum, M. Bishop's NRC
1972 Tait, R.W. et al Queens NRC
1972 Katzin, B.E., Corballis, M.C., and Lockhart, R.S. Toronto, McGill NRC
1972 Whishaw, I.Q. Lethbridge NRC
1972 Yarmey, A.D. and Sayer, L.A. Guelph NRC
1972 Hall, J.F. Penn State (USA)  
1972 Howard, R.B. Colgate  
1972 Yonge, G.D. and Sassenrath, J. M. Ucal (USA)  
1972 Berlyne, D.E. Toronto Canada Council, NRC
1972 Coltheart, M. and Coltheart, V. Waterloo, Guelph NRC
1972 Merikle, P.M. and Coltheart, M. Waterloo NRC
1972 Berlyne, D.E. Toronto Canada Council, NRC
1972 Baba, Y and Donderi, D. Nayoro (JP), McGill DRB9401-11
1972 Zamble, E. Queens NRC
1972 Nysenbaum-Requin, S., et al Marseille (FR)  
1972 Brennan, J.F. and Riccio, D.C. Kent State (USA) NSF
1972 Tait, R.W. and Suboski, M. Queens NRC
1972 Scheerer, E. Ruhr-U. Bochum (DE) NIH
1972 Geller, E.S. and Whitman, C.P. Virginia Polytechnic (USA)  

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