Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 25, 1971

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Authors Affiliation (country) Funding
1971 O'Donnell, C.R. and Brown, L.T. Hawaii, Oklahoma State (USA)  
1971 Furedy, J.J. Toronto NSF, ONR, NRC, Canada Council
1971 Baum, M., Jaffe, P.G., and LeClerc, R. Bishop's, McGill NRC
1971 Duffy, T.M. Illinois (USA) ONR, ARPA, NRC
1971 Cuddy, L.L. Queens DRB9425-17, NRC
1971 Yarmey, A.D. and Barker, W.J. Guelph NRC
1971 Streng, J. Texas (USA) NIGMS
1971 Quinsey, V.L. Dalhousie  
1971 Ernest, C.H. and Paivio, A. Western Ontario NRC
1971 Yarmey, A.D. and Ure, G. Guelph NRC
1971 Koen, F. Michigan (USA) US office of Education
1971 Mewhort, D.J.K., Thio, H., and Birkenmayer, A.C. Queens NRC
1971 Likely, D., Little, L. and Mackintosh, N.J. Dalhousie NRC
1971 Baum, M. and Myran, D.D. Bishop's, McGill NRC
1971 Ehman, G.K., Albert, D.J. and Jamieson, J.L. UBC NRC
1971 Merikle, P.M., Lowe, D.G., and Coltheart, M. Waterloo NRC
1971 Bowers, K.S. Waterloo Ont. Mental Health, MRC
1971 Litner, J. and Suboski, M.D. Queens Ont. Mental Health, NRC
1971 Berlyne, D.E. and Boudewijns, W.J. Toronto Canada Council and NRC
1971 White, M.J. Victoria U of Wellington (NZ)  
1971 Delorme, A. Montreal NRC
1971 Thompson, A.H., Dewar, R.E. and Franken, R.E. Calgary  
1971 Taylor, I. York NRC
1971 Marquis, H.A. et al Queens Ont. Mental Health, NRC
1971 Dick, A.O. Rochester NSF
1971 Merikle, P.M., Coltheart, M. and Lowe, D.G. Waterloo NRC
1971 Roberts, D.M. and Dumlao-Valisno, M. East Carolina, Manila (USA, Phillipines) CIDA
1971 Leclerc, C. and Freibergs, V. Montreal NRC
1971 Paivio, A. and Rowe, E.J. Western Ontario NRC
1971 Snedden, D.S., Spevack, A.A., and Thompson, W.R. Queens NRC, ADARF
1971 Rundle, G.P., Niemi, R.R., and Thompson, W.R. Queens NSF, ADARF
1971 Milstein, S.L. and Zubek, J.P. Manitoba DRB9425-08, NRC
1971 Lass, N.J. and Golden, S.S. West Virginia (USA)  
1971 Langevin, R. Clarke Inst., Toronto  
1971 Niemi, R.R. and Dodwell, P.C. Queens NRC
1971 Mackinnon, G.E. Waterloo NRC
1971 Laird, G.S. and Fenz, W.D. Waterloo MRC, ADARF
1971 Hall, J.F. Penn State (USA)  
1971 Tombaugh, J., McCloskey, J.L. and Tombaugh, T.N. Carleton NRC
1971 Tait, R.W., Simon, E., and Suboski, M.D. Queens NRC
1971 Welte, J.W. and Laughery, K.R. SUNY Buffale (USA) NIMH
1971 Delprato, D.J. Eastern Michigan (USA)  
1971 Robert, M. and Ducharme, R. Montreal NRC
1971 Page, S. Lakeshore Hosp., Toronto  
1971 Dougherty, W.G., Jones, G.B., and Engel, G.R. Waterloo NRC
1971 Pressey, A.W., Butchard, N. and Scrivner, L. Manitoba NRC

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