Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 24, 1970

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
1970 Davenport, J.W. Wisconsin (USA) NIH
1970 Hsiao, S. Arizona (USA) NIMH
1970 Lobb, H. and Kaplun, J. Western Ontario Ontario Health
1970 Wallace, W.P. and Nappe, G.W. Nevada (USA) NSF
1970 Poley, W., Yeudall, L.T. and Royce, J.R. Alberta NRC
1970 Donaldson, W. and Glathe, H. Pittsburgh (USA) USHEW
1970 Shapiro, S.I. Hawaii (USA)  
1970 Chlebek, J. and Dominowski, R.L. Illinois (USA)  
1970 Quaintance, B. and Shapiro, S.I. Hawaii (USA)  
1970 Fantino, E. Kasdon, D. and Stringer, N. UC San Diego, Yale (USA) NSF
1970 Smith, A.D., D'Agostino, P.R. and Reid, L.S. Virginia (USA) NSF
1970 Harris, R. and Hall, A.E. Wooster (USA)  
1970 Dainoff, M. and Haber, R.N. Rochester (USA) NSF
1970 Corballis, M.C. and Raeburn, B.J. McGill ONR and DRB9425-10
1970 Stretch, R., Orloff, E.R., and Gerber, G.J. Western Ontario NRC
1970 Herring, B.S. and Bryden, M.P. Waterloo NRC
1970 Dick, A.O. Lake Forest (USA) DRB9401-26 and NSF
1970 Henderson, E.H., Long, B.H., and Gantcheff, H. Virginia, Goucher, A. Provost Hosp (USA)  
1970 Burke, R.J. York USPHS
1970 Kanungo, R.N., and Mohanty, G.S. McGill, Dalhousie NRC
1970 Lowe, D.G. and Merikle, P.M. Waterloo NRC
1970 Shapiro, S.I. Hawaii (USA)  
1970 McCormack, P.D., and Clemence, C.D. Carleton NRC
1970 Clark, L., Knowles, J.B., and MacLean, A. Queens  
1970 Khan, S.B. OISE  
1970 Strobel, M.G., Freedman, S.L., and MacDonald, G.E. Dalhousie, Toronto NRC
1970 Haber, R.N. and Standing, L.G. Rochester (USA) USPHS and NSF
1970 Adamec, R. and Melzack, R. McGill ARPA
1970 Adamowicz, J.K. and Gibson, D Calgary NRC
1970 Evans, D.R. Calgary  
1970 Colman, F. and Paivio, A. Western Ontario NRC
1970 Hebert, J.A. Colorado State (USA) NASA
1970 Tombaugh, T.N. Carleton NRC
1970 Phillips, A.G., Morgan, C.W. and Mogenson, G.J. Western Ontario NRC and MRC
1970 May, R.B. abd Tryk, H.E. Victoria  
1970 Corson, J.H. and Crannell, C.W. Miami (USA)  
1970 Keenan, V. UBC  
1970 Gardner, R.C., Taylor, D.M. and Feenstra, H.J. Western Ontario Canada Council
1970 Engel, G.R. Waterloo NRC
1970 Paivio, A. and Madigan, S.A. Western Ontario, USC NRC
1970 Mackintosh, N.J. and Little, L. Dalhousie NRC
1970 Granger, L. Montreal NRC
1970 Jung, J. York  
1970 Nicki, R.M. Toronto NRC
1970 Donderi, D. et al. McGill NRC and DRB9401-11
1970 Furedy, J.J. Toronto ONR and NRC
1970 Bresnahan, E.L. and Riccio, D.C. Kent State (USA) NSF
1970 Vanderwolf, C.H. and Vanderwart M.L. Western Ontario NRC
1970 Niemi, R.R. and Thompson, W.R. Queens NRC
1970 Lake, R.A. and Newbigging, P.L. McMaster NRC and USPHS
1970 Munoz, S.R. and Newbigging, P.L. Sir George Williams, McMaster NRC and USPHS
1970 Newbigging, P.L. McMaster NRC and USPHS
1970 Postman, L. and Stark, K. UC Berkeley (USA) NIMH
1970 Posluns, D. and Vanderwolf, C.H. McMaster, Western Ontario NRC

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