Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 23, 1969

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Authors Affiliation (country) Funding
1969 Baum, M. McGill NRC
1969 Berlyne, D.E. Toronto NIMH and NRC
1969 Pitz, G.F. Southern Illinois (USA) NSF
1969 Morrison, G.R. McMaster NRC
1969 Swingle, P.G. and Coady, H.V. McGill NRC
1969 James, J.P. and Mostoway, W.W. Manitoba NRC
1969 Jacobson, J.Z. and MacKinnon, G.E. Waterloo NRC
1969 Vogel-Sprott, M. and Burrows, V. Waterloo NRC
1969 Schludermann, S. and Schludermann, E. Manitoba Canada Council
1969 Davenport, W.G. Newcastle (Australia)  
1969 Bryden, M.P. Waterloo NRC
1969 Smith, E.E. Wisconsin (USA)  
1969 Furedy, J.J. Toronto ONR and NRC
1969 Swingle, P.G. McGill NRC
1969 McCormack, P.D., Clemence, G.D. and Moore, T.E. Carleton NRC
1969 Taylor, D.M., and Gardner, R.C. Western Ontario Canada Council
1969 Johnson, D.J. and Anderson, D.C. Minnesota, Notre Dame (USA) NIMH
1969 MacKinnon, G.E., Forde, J. and Piggins, D.J. Waterloo NRC
1969 Merikle, P.M. Waterloo NRC
1969 Dick, A.O. and Dick, S.O. Lake Forest (USA) DRB9401-26 and NSF
1969 Long, C.J. and Stein, G.W. Southern Illinois (USA)  
1969 Pihl, R.O. and Greenspoon, J. McGill, Temple Buell College  
1969 Lovelace, E.A. Virginia (USA) NIMH
1969 Frieman, J.P., Rohrbaugh, M. and Riccio, D.C. Kent State (USA) NIMH
1969 Keppel, G. and Zavortink, B. UC Berkeley (USA) NIH
1969 Roberts, D.M., King, F.J. and Kropp, R.P. OISE, Florida State US Office of Education
1969 Banks, R.K. and Torney, D. Waterloo DRB9401-28 and NRC
1969 McCain, G. Baerwaldt, J. and Brown, E. R. Texas (USA) NIMH
1969 Waugh, N.C. Harvard (USA) NIMH
1969 Spigelman, M.N. Waterloo NRC
1969 Dirlam, D.K. McMaster NRC
1969 Ward, J.E. and Duerfeldt, P.H. Portland (USA)  
1969 Manocha, S.N., Mills, J.A. and Winocur, G. Saskatchewan NRC
1969 Mackintosh, N.J.and Little, L. Dalhousie NRC
1969 Requin, J. and Granjon, M. Inst. Neur. Psych (FR)  
1969 Abrams, A.J. Naval Pers. Res. Activity (USA)  
1969 Suboski, M.D. and Khosla, S. Queens NRC
1969 Delprato, D.J. and Garskof, B.E. Eastern Michingan, Federal City (USA) USPHS
1969 Tarpy, R.M. Williams Coll. (USA) NIH
1969 Welch, R.B. and Rhoades, R.W. UC Riverside (USA) NSF
1969 Ricci, D.C. and Schulenburg, C.J. Kent State (USA) NSF
1969 Best, J.K. and Baum, M. McGill NRC
1969 Kimura, D. Western Ontario NRC
1969 Yuille, J.C., Paivio, A. and Lambert, W.E. UBC, Western Ontario, McGill NRC

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