Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 22, 1968

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
1968 Lipkin, S.G. Carnegie-Mellon (USA) NIH
1968 Bauman, E. and Murray, D.J. Queens NRC
1968 Suboski, M.D. and Spevack, A.A. Queens Sigma Xi
1968 Gardner, R.C., Wonnacitt, E.J., and Taylor, D.M. Western Ontario Canada Council
1968 Franken, R.E., Jones, C.E.B., and Hanley, D.A. Calgary NRC
1968 Bryden, M.P., Dick, A.O., and Mewhort, D.J.K. Waterloo DRB9401-26
1968 Zerbolio, D.J. Michigan State (USA) NSF
1968 Montague, W.E. and Hillix, W.A. Illinois, Missouri (USA)  
1968 Ratliff, R.G., Koplin, S.T. and Clayton, K.N. Vanderbilt (USA) NIMH
1968 Mackintosh, N.J. et al. Oxford (UK) MRC (UK)
1968 Underwood, B.J. and Freund, J.S. Northwestern (USA) ONR
1968 Hannah, T.E. and McCormack, P.D. Carleton NRC
1968 Murray, F.B. Minnesota (USA)  
1968 Fuerst, K. and Zubek, J.P. Manitoba DRB9425-08 and NIMH
1968 Woodward, A.E. and Murdock, B.B. Toronto NRC and NSF
1968 Pettifor, J.L. Alberta Guidance Clinic  
1968 Baddeley, A.D. MRC-APRU (UK)  
1968 Reynolds, A. and Paivio, A. Western Ontario NRC
1968 Swingle, P.G. McGill NRC
1968 Kahneman, D., Peavler, W.S. and Onuska, L. Harvard (USA) NIMH and NSF
1968 Harcum, E.R. William and Mary (USA) USPHS
1968 Hall, J.F. Penn State (USA)  
1968 Baker, C.H. Human Factors Research (USA) US Navy
1968 Halasz, M.F. Manitoba NRC
1968 Tempone, V.J. Arizona (USA)  
1968 Fantino, E. et al. UC San Diego, Yale (USA) NSF
1968 Schonfield, D. and Gibb, M. Calgary NRC
1968 Gardner, R.C. and Taylor, D.M. Western Ontario Canada Council
1968 Lefrancois, G. Alberta  
1968 Runquist, W.N. Alberta NRC
1968 Tees, R.C. UBC NRC and MRC
1968 Suedfeld, P. Rutgers (USA)  
1968 Earhard, B. and Earhard, M. Dalhousie NRC
1968 Baum, M. and Bindra, D. McGill NRC and USPHS
1968 Dominowski, R.L. and Gadlin, H. Illinois (USA)  
1968 Brooks, L.R. McMaster NRC
1968 Kirby, H.W. and Horvath, T. Windsor  
1968 Berlyne, D.E., Ogilvie, J.C. and Parham, L.C.C. Toronto NRC
1968 Price, R.H. Indiana (USA)  
1968 Beasley, N.A. Keele (UK) MRC (UK)
1968 Gibb, M. and Schonfield, D. Calgary NRC
1968 Clifford, T. Kenyon College (USA) NSF
1968 Paivio, A., Smythe, P.C. and Yuille, J.C. Western Ontario NRC
1968 Standing, L.G., Sales, B.D., and Haber, R.N. Rochester (USA) NSF and USPHS
1968 Tapp, J.T. and Long, C.J. Vanderbilt (USA)  
1968 Delprato, D.J. and Denny, M.R. Michigan State (USA) NSF
1968 James, J.P. Ohio State (USA) NIMH
1968 Siegel, L.S. Missouri (USA)  

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