Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 20, 1966

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Authors Affiliation (country) Funding
1966 Weinberg, H. Saskatchewan NSF
1966 Faroqi, M.A. and Parameswaran, E.G. Madras (India)  
1966 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1966 Sekuler, R.W. Northwestern (USA) NSF
1966 Corballis, M.C. McGill DRB9425-10
1966 Payne, R.W., Davidson, P.O., and Sloane, R.B. Temple, Alberta, Temple  
1966 Taylor, J.G. DRML  
1966 Reynierse, J.H. Indiana (USA) NIMH
1966 Beaulieu, C. McGill  
1966 Ducharme, R. Montreal NRC
1966 Wright, N.A. and Zubek, J.P. Manitoba DRB9425-08 and NIMH
1966 Forrin, B., Kumler, M.L. and Morin, R.E. Toronto, Kent State NSF
1966 Berlyne, D.E. and Peckham, S. Toronto NIMH
1966 Katz, L. Stanford (USA) USPHS
1966 Dorfman, D.D., and McKenna, H. San Diego State (USA) NIMH
1966 McCormack, P.D., and Haltrecht, E.J. Carleton NRC
1966 Pearce, D., and Matin, L. Johns Hopkins (USA) NSF
1966 Clayton, K.N. and Kamback, M. Vanderbilt (USA)  
1966 Korn, J.H., and Moyer, K.E. Carnegie Tech (USA) NIMH
1966 Smith, M.C. and Schiller, P.H. MIT (USA) USPHS
1966 Kepros, P.G., and Bourne, L.E. Utah, Colorado (USA) NIMH
1966 Morrison, G. R., and Norrison, W. McMaster NRC, USPHS
1966 Schonfield, D. and Donaldson, W. Calgary NRC
1966 Schonfield, D. and Robertson, B-A. Calgary NRC
1966 McKinney, J.P. Smith (USA) USPHS
1966 Bernstein, I.H. Arlington State (USA) NIMH
1966 Battig, W.F. Maryland (USA) USPHS
1966 Bryden, M.P. Waterloo DRB9401-11 and DRB9401-26
1966 Anderson, R.A. and Miles, R.C. Ohio State (USA) NIMH
1966 Crooks, R.C. and McNulty, J.A. Dalhousie  
1966 Henderson, N.D. Oberlin (USA) NSF
1966 McNulty, J.A. Dalhousie NRC
1966 Zubek, J.P. and MacNeill, M. Manitoba DRB9425-08 and NIMH
1966 Smith, F. and Carey, P. Harvard (USA)  
1966 Routtenberg, A. and Kane, R.S. Michigan (USA)  
1966 Lee, W. and Gordon, M.E. UC Berkeley (USA) NIMH and NSF
1966 Paivio, A., Yuille, J.C., and Smythe, P.C. Western Ontario NRC
1966 Paivio, A. Western Ontario NRC
1966 Laurence, M.W. Toronto  
1966 Stager, P. Princeton (USA)  
1966 Misanin, J.R., Campbell, B.A., and Smith, N.F. Rutgers, Princeton (USA) NIMH
1966 Murray, D.J. Queens NRC
1966 Bousfield, W.A. and Abramczyk, R.R. Connecticut (USA) NIMH
1966 Mewhort, D.J.K. Waterloo DRB9401-26
1966 Crovitz, H.F., et al VA Hosp Durham, Duke (USA)  
1966 Ducharme, R. Montreal NRC

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