Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 16, 1962

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Author Affiliation Funding
1962 Schwartzman, A.E. and Douglas, V.L. McGill Veterans Affairs Canada
1962 Inglis, J. Queens  
1962 Kimura, D. Montreal Neuro USPHS
1962 Jones, J.E. DRML  
1962 Baker, C.H. DRML  
1962 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1962 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1962 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1962 Jensen, A. R., and Blank, S.S. California (USA)  
1962 Gonzales, R.C. and Shepp, B. Bryn Mawr; Connecticut (USA) U of Maryland
1962 Denenberg, V.H. et al. Purdue (USA) NIMH
1962 Tulving, E. and Patkau, J.E. Toronto  
1962 Koppenaal, R.J. and O'Hara, G.N. Manitoba NRC
1962 Battig, W.F. and Nelson, D. Virginia (USA) HEW
1962 Jacobovits, L.J. and Lambert, W.E. McGill DRB9401-10
1962 Mackworth, J.F. DRML  
1962 Foley, P.J. and Humphries, M. DRML  
1962 Thetford. P.E. and Amsel, A. Menninger Found'n; U of Toronto  
1962 Carment, D.W. and Miles, C.G. McMaster NRC
1962 Dodwell, P.C. Queens  
1962 Schwartzman, A.E., Douglas, V.L., and Muir, W.R. McGill  
1962 Seidel, R.J. George Washington (USA) NIMH
1962 Newbigging, P.L., and Hay, J.M. McMaster DRB9401-13
1962 Tulving, E. Toronto NRC
1962 Baker, R.A., Ware, J.R. and Sipowicz, R.R. US Army Armor Hum Res Unit (USA)  
1962 Elkin, F., Halpern, G. and Cooper, A. McGill  
1962 Walters, R.H. and Henning, G.B. Toronto NRC
1962 McNulty, J.A., and Walters, R.H. Toronto NRC
1962 Bolles, R.C. and de Lorge, J. Hollins Coll; U N Carolina (USA) NSF
1962 Leary, R.W. Oregon (USA) U Wisconsin
1962 Bell, R.W. and Adams, D.A. Allegheny (USA)  
1962 Taylor, M.M. DRML  
1962 Taylor, M.M. DRML  
1962 Abbey, D.S. DRML  
1962 Bryden, M.P. McGill DRB9401-11
1962 Lavery, J.J. DRML  
1962 Suddon, F.H. and Lavery, J.J. DRML  
1962 Vanderwolf, C.H. McGill NRC
1962 Mandler, G. and Mandler, J.M. Toronto Found'n funds-res. in psychiatry
1962 Taylor, I.K. and Taylor, M.M. Johns Hopkins; DRML  

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