Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 14, 1960

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Author Affiliation Funding
1960 Kamin, L.J. McMaster NRC
1960 Foley, P.J. and Dewis, E.V.T DRML  
1960 James, H. Queens NRC
1960 Carlson, N.J. and Black, A.H. Western Reserve (USA); McMaster Rockefeller foundation
1960 Shewchuk, L.A. and Zubek, J.P. Manitoba NRC
1960 Newbigging, P.L. McMaster DRB 9401-13
1960 Lambert, K. Alberta  
1960 Pritchard, R.M., Heron, W. and Hebb, D.O. McGill DRB 9401-11; NRC
1960 Bryden, M.P. McGill DRB 9401-11
1960 Barik, H.C. and Lambert, W.E. McGill DRB 9401-10
1960 Stern, M. H. McGill  
1960 Claus, H-J. and Bindra, D. McGill NRC
1960 Newton, G. and Heimstra, N. Rochester (USA)  
1960 Koppenaal, R.J. and Kenny, D.T. UBC  
1960 Pritchard, R.M., and Heron, W McGill DRB 9401-11, DRB 9310-70
1960 Turner, G.H. Western Ontario  
1960 McMurray, G.A. Saskatchewan Canada Council
1960 Quatermain, D. and Scott, T.H. Wellington; Auckland (NZ)  
1960 Churchill, A.V. DRML  
1960 Dodwell, P.C. Queens  
1960 Penney, R.K. Iowa (USA)  
1960 D'Amato, M.R. New York (USA) NIH
1960 Lavery, J.J. and Belanger, D. Montreal  
1960 Zubek, J.P., Sansom, W., and Prysiazniuk, A. Manitoba DRB 9425-08
1960 Shewchuk, L.A. and Zubek, J.P. Manitoba NRC
1960 Ghent, L. George Washington (USA) NIMH
1960 Baker, C.H. and Young, P. DRML  
1960 McCormack, P.D. DRML  
1960 Mayer, E. and Coons, W.H. Ontario Hosp, Hamilton  
1960 Vogel, M.D Alcohol Res. Found'n Toronto  

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