Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 13, 1959

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Author Affiliation (country) Funding
1959 Kimura, D McGill DRB 9401-11
1959 Mooney, C.M. DRML  
1959 Foley, P.J. DRML  
1959 Churchill, A.V. DRML  
1959 Lambert, W.E. & Fillenbaum, S. McGill DRB 9401-10
1959 Baker, C.H. DRML  
1959 Stern, M.H. McGill DRB 9435-55
1959 Thornton, G.B. Toronto DRB 9401-02
1959 James, H. Queens NRC
1959 McCormack, P.D. DRML  
1959 Das, G. and Broadhurst, P.L. London (UK)  
1959 Vogel, M. Alcoholism Res. Found. Toronto  
1959 Walters, R.H. Toronto  
1959 Tajfel, H. Oxford (UK)  
1959 Smith, D.D. McGill  
1959 Meehl. P.E. Minnesota (USA)  
1959 Bindra, D. McGill  
1959 Dember, W,N, and Fowler, H. Yale (USA) NSF
1959 Powesland, P.F. Queens NRC
1959 Cipywnyk, D. Saskatoon Public Health Sask. and others
1959 Bolles, R.C., Hulicka, I.M. and Hanly, B. Penn and Oklahoma (USA)  
1959 McMurray, G.A. and Jacques, L.B. Saskatchewan DRB 9350-02
1959 Cowen, E.L. and Stiller, A. Rochester and Buffalo (USA)  
1959 Scott, T.H., Bexton, W.H., Heron, W., and Doane, B.K. McGill DRB 9485-01
1959 Doane, B.K., Mahatoo, W., Heron, W., and Scott, T.H. McGill DRB 9585-01
1959 Black, A.H. McMaster Rockefeller foundation; SSRC
1959 Levine, S. Ohio State (USA) NIMH
1959 Ehrlich, A. McGill USPHS
1959 Tulving, E. and Thornton, G.B. Toronto NRC
1959 Gardner, R.C. and Lambert, W.E. McGill DRB 9401-10
1959 Philip, B.R. and Peixotto H.E. Windsor and Cath U of America Canada Council
1959 Bousfield, W.A., Berkowittz, H., and Whitmarsh, G.A. Connecticut (USA) ONR
1959 Berkun, M. M. HUMRRO (USA)  

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