Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 12, 1958

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
Year Author Affiliation (country) Funding
1958 Conrad, R. and Hille, B.A MRC-APU (UK)  
1958 Sampson, H. Canterbury (NZ)  
1958 Springbett, B.M. Manitoba DRB9435-53
1958 Martin, I. Institute of Psychiatry, London (UK)  
1958 Vernon, J., McGill, T.E. and Schiffman, H. Princeton (USA)  
1958 Mahut, H. McGill Ford Foundation
1958 Glickman, S.E. McGill Ford Foundation
1958 Dayhaw, L. Ottawa  
1958 Thompson, W.R. and Higgins, W.H. Wesleyan (USA)  
1958 Smith, K. North Carolina (USA)  
1958 Burns, N.M. and Mogenson, G.J. McGill Ford Foundation
1958 Thompson, R., et al. Louisiana State (USA) NIMH
1958 Glickman, S.E. McGill Ford Foundation
1958 Kevine, S. and Otis, L.S. Columbus; Johns Hopkins (USA) NIMH
1958 McQuitty, L.L. Michigan State (USA)  
1958 Philip, B.R. Assumption Windsor  
1958 Kenny, D.T. and Ginsberg, R. UBC NRC
1958 Csank, J.Z. and Lehmann, H.E. Verdun Protestant Hosp., Montreal  
1958 Blatz, W.E. Toronto  
1958 Milner, P.M. McGill Ford Foundation; NRC
1958 Cooper, R.M. and Zubek, J.P. Manitoba NRC
1958 Mogenson, G.J. and Ehrlich, D.J. McGill Ford Foundation; NRC
1958 Belanger, D. Montreal NRC
1958 Sampson, H. Canterbury (NZ)  
1958 Stennett, R.G. and Uffelmann Ontario Hosp. St Thomas  
1958 Venables, P.H. MRC-APRU (UK)  
1958 Smith, D.D. Montreal NRC
1958 Kamin, L.J. McMaster  
1958 Kimura, D. McGill NRC
1958 Dember, W.N. Yale (USA) NSF
1958 Lambert, K. and Gorfein, D. Alberta  
1958 Rosen, J. Toronto  
1958 Ehrlich, A. and Burns, N. McGill Ford Foundation; NRC
1958 McCormack, P.D. DRML  
1958 Scheier, I.H. HumRRO (USA)  
1958 Smith, D.D. McGill  

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