Papers in Canadian Journal of Psychology Vol 8, 1954

Papers with more than three authors are listed as A.B.Smith et al. Affiliations are usually but not always in order of the author names. Where a place name occurs by itself, it usually means "University of" or "College". The country is listed in brackets only where there is no author at a Canadian institution.
1954 Clegg,W.C. and Dunfield, N.M. DRML  
1954 Rosvold, H.E. and Mirsky, A.F. Yale (USA) US Veterans Administration
1954 Thompson, W.R. and Heron, W. McGill Rockefeller Foundation
1954 Wright, H.W. Waterloo College  
1954 Morton, N.W. DRB  
1954 Mooney, C.M. DRML  
1954 Doane, B.K. DRML  
1954 Bexton, W.H., Heron, W. and Scott, T.H. McGill DRB 77-94-85-01
1954 Lansdell, H. DRML  
1954 Clegg,W.C. and Dunfield, N.M. DRML  
1954 Solomon, D.N. DRML  
1954 Ferguson, G.A. McGill DRB 77-94-01-01
1954 Williams, D.C. Toronto  
1954 Malmo, R.B. McGill US Army
1954 Mahut, H. McGill Rockefeller Foundation
1954 Rosvold, H.E. and Peters, R.H. Yale (USA) US Veterans Administration
1954 Weininger, O., McClelland, W.J., and Arima, R.K. Toronto  
1954 Hebb, D.O., Heath, E.S., and Stuart, E.A. McGill DRB X-38
1954 Scheier, I.H. HumRRO (USA) DRB
1954 Dymond, R. Chicago (USA)  
1954 Davis, J.F., Malmo, R.B., and Shagass, C. Allen Memorial Montreal US Army
1954 Dorken, H. Verdun Hosp Montreal  
1954 Wright, M.W. Regina  
1954 Newbigging, P.L. UNB  
1954 Clegg, W.C. DRML  
1954 Freehill, M.F. and Milton, A. Western Washington (USA)  
1954 Smith, A.A., Malmo, R.B., and Shagass, C. McGill US Army
1954 Wallerstein, H. McGill US Army

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